Okay I'm totally going to ask you a bunch of stuff about school and if it's too weird or personal just totally disregard this ask. I've been looking into beauty school for a while now but I only just started to get serious about it and I've toured one and looked into quite a few. I quick toured Paul Mitchell's Costa Mesa campus and it's beautiful. I booked a full tour for Saturday but, I was just wondering what made you choose Paul Mitchell? What's the like generic homework (essays?) load like?

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I chose Paul Mitchell because of the culture and their atmosphere. I’ve seen the local beauty schools of LA and while I’m not trying to hate on them or anyone who goes there, but both Paul Mitchell in Costa Mesa and Alhambra just seemed to be way more sophisticated and had a higher level of learning.

Homework is called homeplay and there isn’t a lot. Once you are out of Core (first 6 weeks) you have homework out of the book once a week. It’s just key terms and review questions. Other homeplay might be to finish a cut or color or do a style. Nothing that you shouldn’t enjoy doing.

Paul Mitchell Costa Mesa is a great school. If I lived further that way I would have gone to that one instead. Paul Mitchell is great in general. I have been given so many great opportunities because of my school and dean and I am so glad I chose a Paul Mitchell school. Best decision I ever made.

Good luck!

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My school is fundraising for 9 different organizations this year that benefit cancer patients, veterans, human societies and more.

Go to the link and help support us and these amazing organizations by donating even a dollar. Every bit counts.

Include my name (Mallory) in the comment so the donation goes to my organization Food 4 Africa.

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New Obsession at school : Doing updos.

Hopefully a student will let me recreated the Fishtail French Twist (last photo) on them next week.

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The evolution of Judy. She came in with about 3-5 layers of black box dye on her hair and wanted to to gradually go to blonde. Once I got her to blonde, she wanted to go brown.

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Sam had let too many students play with and experiment on her hair. Finally convinced her to go back to her natural level. Took her to a level 1 with a ton of blue shots so she had dark navy hair. So much prettier.

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Fellow student I had the pleasure of getting my hands on one day. Very fun day.

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I can’t quit looking and laughing.

I can’t quit looking and laughing.

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I’m back!

Oh, Tumblr, how I’ve missed you.

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The dress I want for Caper.
Or one like it.


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<3   :O   <3

Our future child.


<3   :O   <3

Our future child.

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I love it.

I love it.

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Ood Mask Crochet Pattern. Unbelievable! I am so making this for my brother.

Amanda! Look!
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For Jess.

You would never need another coffee mug again. 
This is THE mug.



For Jess. You would never need another coffee mug again. This is THE mug.